Summer Reading 2012

After the end of four classes, one locally organized conference, and two national conferences, I have what I fear is some sort of academic burnout. Going to both C&W and RSA was rewarding, but I feel like I am still recovering. It’s slow going.

Because I can’t teach yet and the genre class I wanted to take was cancelled, I have a pretty non-committed summer. My weary brain permitting, I’ve got some plans for summer reading. Summer reading has always been this magical thing that I build up in my head throughout the academic year, and last summer was the first where I really failed to meet my summer reading goals. Between teaching a new class and moving to Syracuse, I just didn’t find (or make) the time.

This year, I have a list. Well, something like a list.

First, I’m going to go through the exam reading list and check off the books/articles I’ve already read. If those notes aren’t already typed, I’ll type/edit them. If I don’t have good notes at all, I’ll re-read those books and blog some notes.

Then, I have plans to read 5 disability studies books. Specifically, these five:

Stack of 5 books about dis/ability, listed below (Siebers, Titchkosky, McRuer, Wilson & Lewiecki-Wilson, Price)
Dis/ability books: Siebers, Titchkosky, McRuer, Wilson & Lewiecki-Wilson, Price

I know I won’t have an opportunity to read them in class (whereas I’ll have opportunities to read exam list texts), so I want to tackle them over the break. I’ve already started to read Siebers, and I’ve read parts of McRuer and Price.

And finally, I want to give some love to the novels that have been collecting dust on my bookshelf. The four that have been giving me sad eyes since we moved in August are a seemingly disparate bunch, but I’m looking forward to each of them:

Stack of 4 for-fun books, listed below (Woolf, Winterson, Roy, and Safran Foer)
For-fun books: Woolf, Winterson, Roy, Safran Foer

I’m not sure if I’ll make it through all of these, but I’ll still be pleased to have read some of them. I slowly kicked off summer reading today with Stephanie Kerschbaum’s new piece in CCC, “Avoiding the Difference Fixation: Identity Categories, Markers of Difference, and the Teaching of Writing.” I read it slowly and really enjoyed it. She makes a solid argument about marking difference and has a lot of smart things to say about discourses of difference (& disability) and how teachers and students recognize, mark, and interact with difference. Definitely a great piece to coax myself back into reading!


3 thoughts on “Summer Reading 2012

  1. All five of those disability studies books were on my exam list. They’re all great, but I particularly enjoyed Price’s book. We’ll have to get together sometime and talk about our reading!

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