New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Looking back at my resolutions from last year, I feel like I accomplished a fair amount off my list. I have a decent system for reading/notetaking (although that could always be improved), I attended four conferences (CCCC, Computers & Writing, RSA, and IWCA) and organized one (CARR), I volunteered for and joined the Writing Center committee in my department, and I published my first peer-reviewed article in Praxis: A Writing Center Journal(!).

On a less academic note, I greatly surpassed my goal of trying 30 new recipes, no doubt in part to the glory that is Pinterest. And because I became vegetarian in June, we’ve been trying a lot of new recipes. My top five, by far, have been spiced lentil tacos, the green goddess grilled cheese, southwestern pasta salad, red lentil coconut soup, and these surprisingly awesome “meatball” sliders. If nothing else, I’m eating great…and apparently eating a lot more lentils. Who knew they were so good?

Oh yeah, and we adopted a 9-month-old pitbull this summer, which adds a little bit of stress to an already-full schedule but is obviously totally worth it.

For this upcoming year, I want to work on a lot of the same things.

I want to continue making room for fun time–going on little day trips or even just seeing a movie. We’ve fallen in love with a little arts cinema nearby that plays fun independent movies.

I still, desperately, want to do more yoga. I really didn’t accomplish this at all last year, though there was a point over the summer where we were walking 3 miles a day twice a day with the pup.

I want to keep up with this blog. My comprehensive exams are at the end of the semester, and I want to go back through my notes and start retroactively synthesizing and posting notes for my exam texts.

I want to try to publish another piece of writing. I have a couple things in the works and some ideas for more, and–though difficult–I don’t think it’s the most unreasonable goal, especially since we need a publishable article for our exam process.

I also want to try to be more involved, generally. I became a HASTAC scholar last semester, and I’d like to be more involved within that community. I’d also like to do more within my department and the SU community.

And finally, I really want to perfect a chocolate chip cookie recipe. Okay, seriously, though. I can make cheesecakes and macarons, but chocolate chip cookies are my achilles heel.

So there they are: somewhat generic but very practical goals. Here’s hoping for another excellent year (and my last year of coursework!).


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