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#4c13 Roundup

An image of The Riveria Casino & Hotel at night, home of 4C13
The Riveria Casino & Hotel, home of 4C13

Despite the fact that it was in sensory-overload Las Vegas and despite the fact that my sinuses exploded from our cigar-filled casino/convention hotel, this year’s #4c13 may have been my best conference experience thus far. I really enjoyed the pre-conference workshop I attended, I felt really confident about my presentation, and I got a lot of constructive feedback about the work that I do–both during our panel session and throughout the rest of the conference.

It was very humbling.

Also always humbling is the work that others do and share at conferences, and although I didn’t attend nearly the number of sessions that I would have liked (thanks sinuses!), I managed to squeeze in some really great ones:

  • D.03 Embodiment, Disability, and the Idea of Normativity
  • H.23 Ethically Engaging Difference: Rhetorical Empathy, Insider-Outsider Rhetoric, and Representations of Disability
  • I.27 Minding the Publics and the Work of Composition: Disability: Dysfluency, and Neurodiversity
  • K.15 The Digital Rhetorician as an Agent of Social Change
  • Committee on Disability Issues

I also talked with some really great people–managing to introduce myself to Jason Palmeri and to interview Cindy Selfe for This We Believe. I had the chance to pass out some of our fly postcards promoting This Rhetorical Life. And even though I didn’t make it to the Disability Studies SIG this year, I was so glad to have the opportunity to sit in on the Committee on Disability Issues again, which is such a great space to talk about the disability- and accessibility-related issues relevant to Cs and the larger discipline.

View of Las Vegas from the top of the Stratosphere, lights glowing, mountain range in the background
Las Vegas from the top of the Stratosphere

Because the sessions I went to were so limited (and because we took a redeye home Friday night), I was so grateful for the Twitter conversations (#4c13 + #dis) that kept me in the loop of the sessions I couldn’t attend. They were so useful, in fact, that I created a Storify archive of those tweets:

[“Disability-Related #4c13 Sessions: A Story in Tweets”]

Even with all of these excellent experiences, great conversations, and ideas brewing, I must admit I’m glad to be back in Syracuse. Flashy lights, constant streams of smoke, and open containers on the sidewalk just aren’t my bag. Although even I can’t deny that the view from the top of the Stratosphere was breathtaking.

Catch you on the flip side, Vegas. See y’all in Indy. #4c14


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