First Year Assistant Professor

Today was my first day teaching as Assistant Professor of Professional Writing at UCA. As a new academic year starts and I make the transition from Ph.D. student to junior faculty, I thought I’d share a few links that I’ve collected recently that are useful/affirming/reassuring.

  • “The 7-Year Experiment: Tenure-Track without Losing My Soul” // Conditionally Accepted: There’s so much good stuff here about institutional value vs. personal value, being a whole (or I might say “real”) person, and having fun with both academic and non-academic friends. Eric writes, “Beginning today, I have decided to work toward obtaining tenure without compromising my health, happiness, authenticity, or politics.”
  • “Start the Semester off Right: Make a Weekly Template” // Get a Life, PhD: Lists are very much a form of self-care for me. They help me feel (and be) organized, and they help me visualize the larger picture. When I started my Ph.D. program, I had an intense weekly calendar to organize the four classes that I was taking as a fellow. This year, I have finally decided to try out Google Calendar, and my color-coded dreams are coming to life.
  • “Self-Care #withaPhD)” // Storify: I participated in this Twitter chat last December, and I think it’s a good one to reflect on the multiple ways that folks across disciplines try to incorporate self-care into their academic (and personal) lives.
  • “30 Vegan Dinners You Can Make in 30 Minutes” // Buzzfeed: I am such a strong advocate of self-care, but actually practicing self-care is hard. My main personal goal for this year is to eat well. It sounds like such a basic thing, but sometimes those basic things are the ones that we forget to prioritize.

If anyone wants to throw other useful articles (or first-hand experience/advice) my way, please do!


2 thoughts on “First Year Assistant Professor

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the broken link, Rachel. I’m glad you commented on this because I’m definitely at the point in my first semester where I needed to see this list again.

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