Are Your Courses Accessible?

Looking for practical strategies to make your classroom more accessible this semester? This is a short post I wrote for my university about starting your semester with accessibility in mind.

Teaching Matters @ UCA

Courses can be inaccessible to students because of disabilities, but sometimes they’re inaccessible for less obvious reasons. Disabled students don’t always seek accommodations from the Disability Resource Center (DRC), and sometimes the accommodation requests that we receive aren’t applicable to the curriculum. For example, providing students with extra time on tests doesn’t often apply to writing classes. On top of that, both disabled and nondisabled students learn differently (as do instructors!), so how do we account for these different needs?

Accessibility can seem daunting, particularly when you need to make changes after you’ve already planned a course. So, as the snow settles on the ground and we all get geared for this semester, I’m going to share a few simple accessible practices.

An initial way to signal that you value accessibility is to include an accessibility statement on your course syllabus. We’re all required to provide the same accommodations statement…

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