About Allison

I’m an Assistant Professor of Writing at the University of Central Arkansas.

I received my Ph.D. in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric Program from Syracuse University in May 2015 and my M.A. in Professional Writing and Editing from West Virginia University in August 2011. I also hold a B.A. in both English and Spanish from Hollins University.

My research is focused primarily on accessibility as it overlaps with disability studies, rhetoric and composition, and professional and technical communication. I’m interested in how disability is constructed and mediated through technology, whose voices and stories and bodies we value in our scholarship and in our classrooms, and how we can work as an academic/activist community to theorize and enact more socially just pedagogical practices.

The blog name, “Accessing Rhetoric,” signals my own attempts to make sense of different facets of rhet/comp and also my interests in accessibility and accessible pedagogies. This blog began as a space for me to reflect on course readings and class discussions at Syracuse and has evolved into a mix of reading notes (and reflections), media analyses, and discussions of how disability, technology, rhetoric, and pedagogy manifest in the everyday.

For my Spring 2012 Universal Design in Education class, we blogged about UD scholarship and our experiences with different technologies. So I wouldn’t overwhelm my main blog, I created a secondary site to house those posts: dsp700.wordpress.com

If you have any issues accessing my blog or have questions about my research or posts, please contact me: allison.hitt@gmail.com


One thought on “About Allison

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