Errors and Expectations: A Guide for the Teacher of Basic Writing

Errors and Expectations is one of those books that I feel like I know really well (because it’s so strongly situated in the field) but had never read past the introduction. I was surprised to see how much of what Shaughnessy was saying about basic writing (BW) students was still relevant 35 years later—minus more…… Continue reading Errors and Expectations: A Guide for the Teacher of Basic Writing


Multimodal “Craft” Workshop

Inspired by the workshop I attended at 4Cs, I knew I wanted to incorporate a multimodal workshop into my classroom during the last unit. In the last unit of our standard curriculum, we do a translation project that visually (and digitally) translates the final essay. It felt weird to put those constraints on the assignment, though, particularly because…… Continue reading Multimodal “Craft” Workshop

CCR 732: Advanced Comp Pedagogy · Pedagogy

Calling All Multimodal Compositionists

We started off my advanced comp pedagogy course with some readings on multimodality—specifically, Kathy Yancey’s 2004 CCCC’s chair address and excerpts from Jason Palmeri’s book Remixing Composition. In her address, Yancey challenges the long-held belief that writing is only a print-based activity and calls on us to rethink curricula that fail to consider the social…… Continue reading Calling All Multimodal Compositionists

Disability Studies · Pedagogy

Autism Spectrum Disorder in the College Composition Classroom

Upon a colleague’s recommendation, I recently picked up Val Gerstle and Lynda Walsh’s edited collection, Autism Spectrum Disorders in the College Composition Classroom: Making Writing Instruction More Accessible for All Students. It’s an edited collection from comp instructors’ 2005 4Cs presentations about autism and Asperger Syndrome, published together in 2011. According to the introduction, the…… Continue reading Autism Spectrum Disorder in the College Composition Classroom

Disability Studies · Pedagogy

Valuing Voice in Writing Classrooms

How are speech and voice valued within the [writing] classroom? How do we design [writing] pedagogies and classroom environments that value students with both typical and atypical speech? These are a couple of the questions we discussed in my Universal Design class this week after watching the video below: “Roger Ebert: Remaking My Voice.” I…… Continue reading Valuing Voice in Writing Classrooms