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Deaf Subjects: Between Identities and Places

One of the categories for my annotated bib was Rhetorically Theorizing Disability, so next up is Brenda Brueggemann who rhetorically theorizes deafness. And because I was reading the book with particular attention to how she writes about technology, it contributes to some of the ideas discussed by Goggin & Newell and Ellis & Kent. *** Brueggemann positions Deaf… Continue reading Deaf Subjects: Between Identities and Places

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Disability and New Media

To follow-up Goggin & Newell, the next installment of annotated bib posts is Disability and New Media. For a useful review, check out this piece by Laura Howard for Disability Studies Quarterly. *** This book offers a crucial cultural exploration of how disability (and disability studies) informs and is complicated by web 2.0 environments—a markedly different contribution than… Continue reading Disability and New Media