A Rhetoric of Motives, Take Two

All told, persuasion ranges from the bluntest quest of advantage, as in sales promotion or propaganda, through courtship, social etiquette, education, and the sermon, to a “pure” form that delights in the process of appeal for itself alone, without ulterior purpose. And identification ranges from the politician who, addressing an audience of farmers, says, “I…… Continue reading A Rhetoric of Motives, Take Two

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Burke: Identification & Consubstantiality

Imagine it: a coffee shop, brightly painted walls, mismatched furniture, laptops crowding an already too-small table. I’m talking with Lindsey. She tells me that she’s started using my finger-wag when she’s sassing. She then says, “I often wonder if I’m my own person or a sponge because I pick up other people’s catchphrases and mannerisms.”…… Continue reading Burke: Identification & Consubstantiality

CCR 631: Contemporary Rhetorics

Freak Shows & The Negated Audience

The objectification of certain individuals and groups discloses itself through what is and is not said about them and through actual conditions affecting their ability to speak for themselves. (Wander 370) Mental illness was briefly discussed during the presidential debates last fall. Now, the presidential debates are an exclusive space where the audience (the U.S.…… Continue reading Freak Shows & The Negated Audience