This is my CCCC presentation, which is part of H.05 “More Than Writing Through It: Self-Care, Disability, & Rhetorical Practice.” *** “At Least I’m Not Insane”: Practicing Radical Self-Care in the Writing Classroom Self-care: the foundation to maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself and others; essential. In healthcare, self-care refers to an individual’s ability to make decisions… Continue reading #4c17



This is my presentation for #4c16 this year: “Reciprocal Disclosures: Co-Constructing Knowledge about Disability & Writing.” I presented on some of this dissertation research last year, which you can access here, but this year I am focusing on methodological challenges. *** In Toward a New Rhetoric of Difference, Stephanie Kerschbaum argues that writing studies research—despite… Continue reading #4c16



How is Universal Design invoked on college websites, in composition programs and classrooms, and in conversations with students? This year at CCCC, Jay Dolmage, Dale Katherine Ireland, and I are presenting on the panel E.16 “Risks and Rhetorics of Universal Design.” Full-text copies of our talks can be accessed here, which I have listed in order… Continue reading #4c15



This is the presentation I’m giving at C’s this year (today! B.30), part of a larger panel titled “Critical Disability Pedagogies: Hacking the Curriculum, Rewriting Spaces.” *** “Dis/Ability as Inquiry: Hacking the Fixed Curriculum” Although there are benefits to a shared, fixed curriculum, it can sometimes butt heads with the values and needs of the… Continue reading #4c14

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#4c12 Part I: IWCA Collaborative at CCCC

[This is a two-part posting about my CCCC experience.] Last week, I attended my first Conference on College Composition and Communication, and it was awesome. It was an overwhelming experience (so many people! so many sessions!) in a really positive way (lots of engaging panels and people). The first part of my CCCC experience was… Continue reading #4c12 Part I: IWCA Collaborative at CCCC