Storify: Collecting vs. Curating Content

When Storify (tagline: “Make the web tell a story”) launched in 2011, I thought it was really cool. Actually, I still think it’s kind of cool. Storify allows you to access public content from social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr—really, anything with a URL—and curate that content into a story. It seemed like an excellent…… Continue reading Storify: Collecting vs. Curating Content

CCR 632: Comp Pedagogy

Critical Teaching & Everyday Life

In his preface to Critical Teaching & Everyday Life, Shor reflects on the relevance of his book as an introduction to critical pedagogy and how it impacted his future scholarship. In particular, he claims the book helped him communicate a dialogic pedagogy, which extended into Pedagogy for Liberation with the idea that classrooms can’t be…… Continue reading Critical Teaching & Everyday Life