This is my presentation for #4c16 this year: “Reciprocal Disclosures: Co-Constructing Knowledge about Disability & Writing.” I presented on some of this dissertation research last year, which you can access here, but this year I am focusing on methodological challenges. *** In Toward a New Rhetoric of Difference, Stephanie Kerschbaum argues that writing studies research—despite… Continue reading #4c16


“At Least I’m Not Insane”: Ongoing Reflections of a First-Semester Professor

Being a new tenure-track faculty member at a new school in a new town in a new state in a new geographical region is hard. It’s hard for all the reasons you’d expect it to be (what are the students like? who can you trust as a mentor? what’s the university climate? what do people… Continue reading “At Least I’m Not Insane”: Ongoing Reflections of a First-Semester Professor

Disability Studies

On Rhetorical Agency & Disclosing Disability in Academic Writing

The last dissertation chapter I wrote was a qualitative one, and as I was drawing connections across different student and instructor responses, I kept coming across discussions of disclosure: students choosing not to disclose disabilities, students feeling like they need to disclose in order to get institutional support, instructors hoping students will disclose so they… Continue reading On Rhetorical Agency & Disclosing Disability in Academic Writing

Disability Studies

Self-Reflexive Research

I’m back to dissertation writing. Specifically, I’m working on the last major chapter of my dissertation (save the conclusion) that involves parsing out the data I collected from students and instructors about their perceptions of the in/accessibility of writing classrooms and writing centers. To get myself in a methodological mindset, I decided to check out… Continue reading Self-Reflexive Research


Mental Illness Awareness Week #miaw

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about graduate school and mental health—the relationship between high-pressure academic situations, burnout, and depression. Particularly after reading Margaret Price’s Mad at School: Rhetorics of Mental Disability and Academic Life and seeing a GradHacker post circulating on my Facebook Newsfeed last week called “Mental Health Issues Among Graduate Students,” it… Continue reading Mental Illness Awareness Week #miaw