A Rhetoric of Motives, Take Two

All told, persuasion ranges from the bluntest quest of advantage, as in sales promotion or propaganda, through courtship, social etiquette, education, and the sermon, to a “pure” form that delights in the process of appeal for itself alone, without ulterior purpose. And identification ranges from the politician who, addressing an audience of farmers, says, “I…… Continue reading A Rhetoric of Motives, Take Two

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Burke: Identification & Consubstantiality

Imagine it: a coffee shop, brightly painted walls, mismatched furniture, laptops crowding an already too-small table. I’m talking with Lindsey. She tells me that she’s started using my finger-wag when she’s sassing. She then says, “I often wonder if I’m my own person or a sponge because I pick up other people’s catchphrases and mannerisms.”…… Continue reading Burke: Identification & Consubstantiality