Reflections 2014: Engaging the Possibilities of Disability Studies

My previous post reminded me to share the super exciting table of contents for the Fall 2014 special issue of Reflections: A Journal of Public Rhetoric, Civic Writing, and Service Learning that I’ve been working on since last spring. It should be ready for print next month, and the content is so so good. Check it out! (Note:…… Continue reading Reflections 2014: Engaging the Possibilities of Disability Studies


#cwcon: Beyond Afterthought

This is the presentation I’m giving at #cwcon this year (part of i2, “caption, performance, code: composing accessibility across multiple interfaces”). *** Given the limited time available in the composition classroom, simply teaching the basics of technologies can feel overwhelming even before we consider the rhetorical production and accessibility of digital texts. It’s perhaps unsurprising,…… Continue reading #cwcon: Beyond Afterthought


#cwcon: Accessible Tools, Accessible Methods

This is the 4-minute spiel I’m giving at #cwcon (today! G.9), part of a roundtable titled “Everyday Methods: Tools of the Digital Scholar.” *** What tools are available, and what practical and theoretical concerns might inform our assessment or adoption of such tools? My everyday tools are so commonplace that they hedge on the mundane: Twitter, Google…… Continue reading #cwcon: Accessible Tools, Accessible Methods

CCR 632: Comp Pedagogy

Critical Teaching & Everyday Life

In his preface to Critical Teaching & Everyday Life, Shor reflects on the relevance of his book as an introduction to critical pedagogy and how it impacted his future scholarship. In particular, he claims the book helped him communicate a dialogic pedagogy, which extended into Pedagogy for Liberation with the idea that classrooms can’t be…… Continue reading Critical Teaching & Everyday Life

CCR 611: Comp Histories/Theories · Rhetoric

Rhetoric and Reality: Writing Instruction in American Colleges, 1900-1985

Some things about reading for exams are wildly stressful—like trying to figure out how to cram all the books on the reading list into an unbelievably short period of time. Others, though, remind me of why I’m interested in this field. Re-reading Berlin was one of those reminders—not necessarily because I’m head over heels for…… Continue reading Rhetoric and Reality: Writing Instruction in American Colleges, 1900-1985