Preventative Mastectomies & Overcoming Rhetoric

The first thing I read this morning while in bed, covers pulled up to my neck, eyes squinting at my phone, was Angelina Jolie’s new op-ed that is taking the internet by storm: “My Medical Choice.” When Sharon Osbourne had preventative double mastectomy surgery last fall, I was amazed. I was teaching a course themed around…… Continue reading Preventative Mastectomies & Overcoming Rhetoric

CCR 631: Contemporary Rhetorics

“Cultures of Discourse: Marxism and Rhetorical Theory”

Aune presents a conundrum here: the repression of Marxist theory within rhetoric and, reciprocally, the repression of rhetoric in Marxist theory. If mentioned at all, he argues, rhetoric is pushed to the “margins of serious discourse” (539). And although rhetoricians have taken up ideology, the crux of Marxist discourse—class struggle—has been largely ignored. Aune warns…… Continue reading “Cultures of Discourse: Marxism and Rhetorical Theory”


Evocative Objects Workshop #4c13

This morning, I attended the workshop “Evocative Objects: Re-imaging the Possibilities of Multimodal Composition led by Jody Shipka, Erin Anderson, Kerry Banazek, and Amber Buck. Here is the workshop’s pitch: The workshop challenges the common tendency to conflate multimodality with digital media in the larger field of composition. Indeed, when they are considered at all,…… Continue reading Evocative Objects Workshop #4c13