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Feminist Rhetorical Practices: 4 Hot Methodological Concepts

Whew! I told Tim and Kate that when you highlight something in the Acknowledgments section, you know it’s going to be a hot book. There are so many different things to talk about here, but I thought I would just take some time to hash out the four methodological concepts Royster & Kirsch present: critical…… Continue reading Feminist Rhetorical Practices: 4 Hot Methodological Concepts

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#4c12 Part I: IWCA Collaborative at CCCC

[This is a two-part posting about my CCCC experience.] Last week, I attended my first Conference on College Composition and Communication, and it was awesome. It was an overwhelming experience (so many people! so many sessions!) in a really positive way (lots of engaging panels and people). The first part of my CCCC experience was…… Continue reading #4c12 Part I: IWCA Collaborative at CCCC

CCR 635: Advanced Research Practices

The Anthropology of Writing

Since I didn’t pick any specific chapters to read for this week, I thought I’d read the first two chapters of The Anthropology of Writing: Understanding Textually-Mediated Worlds to contextualize everyone else’s discussions. This collection seeks to bring together two writing research traditions: the (French) anthropology of writing and (English-speaking) New Literacy Studies (Barton and…… Continue reading The Anthropology of Writing

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“Mapping Knowledge-Making in Writing Center Research”

I’ve been wading around in writing center research for the past couple weeks and wanted to share one of the articles that I found most helpful for thinking about writing center research. Unlike other helpful texts about writing center research from the early 2000s (e.g. Writing Center Research: Extending the Conversation and The Center Will Hold: Critical Perspectives…… Continue reading “Mapping Knowledge-Making in Writing Center Research”

CCR 635: Advanced Research Practices

Extending Understandings of Archival Research

Though we all seemed to be on some level of agreement about the value of Bazerman’s piece (“Theories of the Middle Range in Historical Studies of Writing Practice”) as a practical approach to doing historical, archival work, Tim’s criticism of Bazerman’s inattention to his own positionality stuck with me during this week’s readings. These readings…… Continue reading Extending Understandings of Archival Research