Are Your Courses Accessible?

Originally posted on Teaching Matters @ UCA:
Courses can be inaccessible to students because of disabilities, but sometimes they’re inaccessible for less obvious reasons. Disabled students don’t always seek accommodations from the Disability Resource Center (DRC), and sometimes the accommodation requests that we receive aren’t applicable to the curriculum. For example, providing students with extra time…



This is the presentation I’m giving at C’s this year (today! B.30), part of a larger panel titled “Critical Disability Pedagogies: Hacking the Curriculum, Rewriting Spaces.” *** “Dis/Ability as Inquiry: Hacking the Fixed Curriculum” Although there are benefits to a shared, fixed curriculum, it can sometimes butt heads with the values and needs of the…… Continue reading #4c14


Multimodal “Craft” Workshop

Inspired by the workshop I attended at 4Cs, I knew I wanted to incorporate a multimodal workshop into my classroom during the last unit. In the last unit of our standard curriculum, we do a translation project that visually (and digitally) translates the final essay. It felt weird to put those constraints on the assignment, though, particularly because…… Continue reading Multimodal “Craft” Workshop


Evocative Objects Workshop #4c13

This morning, I attended the workshop “Evocative Objects: Re-imaging the Possibilities of Multimodal Composition led by Jody Shipka, Erin Anderson, Kerry Banazek, and Amber Buck. Here is the workshop’s pitch: The workshop challenges the common tendency to conflate multimodality with digital media in the larger field of composition. Indeed, when they are considered at all,…… Continue reading Evocative Objects Workshop #4c13