This is the presentation I’m giving at C’s this year, part of a larger roundtable titled “Accessing Literacy, Literacies as Access: Reimagining Public Narratives of Disability.” – “Who Gets Accommodated? Writing Center as Retrofit to the Composition Classroom” Last Spring, I had a Skype conversation with Jay Dolmage wherein he suggested that writing centers are…… Continue reading #4c13

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#iwca v.2.0: The Need to Diagnose

I’ve done a lot of tracing in the past year of WC articles that address issues of disability, and though it is unlikely that I’ve uncovered all relevant articles, I have found quite a number. As many in DS know, there have been waves of disability scholarship that reflect different understandings of disability, largely conceived…… Continue reading #iwca v.2.0: The Need to Diagnose

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Last week, I presented at the 2012 International Writing Centers Association conference in San Diego with Jackie Grutsch McKinney, Becky Jackson, and Jason Luther. Our roundtable presentation, entitled “The Problems of Remaking Are Many: Contingency in 21st Century Writing Centers” explored issues of contingent administrators and tutors, the concept of peer tutors, familiar WC narratives,…… Continue reading #iwca12

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#4c12 Part I: IWCA Collaborative at CCCC

[This is a two-part posting about my CCCC experience.] Last week, I attended my first Conference on College Composition and Communication, and it was awesome. It was an overwhelming experience (so many people! so many sessions!) in a really positive way (lots of engaging panels and people). The first part of my CCCC experience was…… Continue reading #4c12 Part I: IWCA Collaborative at CCCC

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“Mapping Knowledge-Making in Writing Center Research”

I’ve been wading around in writing center research for the past couple weeks and wanted to share one of the articles that I found most helpful for thinking about writing center research. Unlike other helpful texts about writing center research from the early 2000s (e.g. Writing Center Research: Extending the Conversation and The Center Will Hold: Critical Perspectives…… Continue reading “Mapping Knowledge-Making in Writing Center Research”